We Put Safety First

Exploration is a high-risk undertaking and at Contour our commitment to safety goes beyond mere compliance; it's a core value embedded in every aspect of our operations.
We're committed to fostering a safety-first culture, with full participation from our owners and the exceptional individuals on our crews.

We uphold our four pillars of safety as the foundation of our unwavering commitment to bringing every team member home safe.

  1. Safety Culture & Worker Engagement

  2. Training & Competency

  3. Hazard Identification & Risk Management

  4. Incident Reporting & Response

CONTOUR is registered in good standing with:

CONTOUR's management are trained COR Internal Auditors and Contour will be COR certified by Fall 2024.

SiteDocs has been a foundation of Contour's Safety Management Program since 2022

Contour has been an Alcumus SafeContractor customer since 2023

Practices we follow to ensure safety

Crew Training / Certification

Before arriving at your site, our crews undergo comprehensive training, including classroom, online learning, and field-based skills competency analysis and development.

Field Level Hazard Assessment

Once arriving at their morning worksites, all crew fill out a FLRA form in SiteDocs. If location or tasks change, a new form is filled out. Crew discuss hazards and plan work before starting task

Morning Tailgate Meeting

Every day, all our crews meet together and plan the day's activities, going over; what, who, where, and when. We focus on today's hazard mitigation and discuss yesterday's work.

Safe Rigging /Slinging

Helicopter external load operations are some of our higher risk activities. We conduct frequent gear inspections and documented ongoing training to ensure every load is safe.

Professional Crews

Our skilled crews take pride in their work, are courteous, well-equipped, and experienced, ensuring efficient service. They collaborate effectively with other contractors, enhancing project teamwork.

Extra Training

S-100 & S-185 Wildfire Basic Fire suppression & Safety training, helps keep our crews working safely during fire season. Our crews also have (OFA): Transportation Endorsement certification.